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We take pride in a great customer experience and we make it one of our top priorities. We have put into place multiple customer policies that go above and beyond the industry standard. On top of our first class customer service polices we are always looking to improve. We scour the internet for innovative ways to improve customer service, make partnership with top of class business to improve our service and use customer feedback to evolve our polices:

  1. Easy Refunds – If you aren't happy then we aren't happy. You pay for a top quality service and that is what we try to provide. If you feel you are dissatisfied then we don't feel we've earned your money, therefore we are happy to refund you.
  2. Around The Clock Customer Care – If you have ever called a company and gotten a message that nobody is around to answer you. Most of us have tried to connect to live chat to find that they are off duty. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year phone and live chat support. If you need help we always have some here to assist you.
  3. Promote Customer Care – Nearly every company claims to care but when push comes to shove it was all just talk. We believe in customer support, we actively promote it and stand by it. You will see us promoting our customer service and easy refund policy on Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other mediums. These sites and others offer you, the consumer, a chance to let us know how we are doing. If we fall short (we don't think we will) then we want to hear about it so we can change and improve.
  4. Turn Negatives into Positives – Unfortunately, if you deal enough people there are bound to be a few unsatisfactory experiences. Although lofty we want to have every experience be as positive as possible. We have a manager that is dedicated to helping turn negative experiences into positive ones. Every day this manager scours the internet checking every crack and crevasse in search of these people to personally contact them and make them satisfied. The manager gives this person direct contact information and access to personalized help.
  5. US Government Data – We find the best way to make customers happy is to offer them 1st class reports. We feel the one of the best sources of official data is the US Federal Government, so we obtain high quality records directly from US federal government databases.
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